September 29, 2011

Gociety via Quick Left

Gociety approached Quick Left with the business goal of creating a mobile experience that compliments its existing web application, integrating with the existing API infrastructure. The goal was to deliver an MVP+ mobile application to be submitted and accepted into the iTunes store.

With just 8 weeks of development time for two developers, I acted as team lead in our endeavor to build a fast, fluid and intuitive mobile companion to the Gociety web application. The application was required to allow users to browse, search, and participate in outdoor activities planned by other members in the community at large is planning. Additional features such as Facebook login, photo comments, advanced sorting and filtering, map previews, profile management, and personalized notifications were expected to provide a rich feature set while promoting a high level of interaction, both inside and outside the app.

Developing within the Cordova framework allowed the team to code using JavaScript, enabling the use of modern frameworks like React.js and Ampersand.js. This ultimately facilitated a smoother transition to the Gociety team considering their development team’s core expertise.

Download Gociety from the App Store.

Black Book Singles

Black Book Singles was a free online dating service developed in my free time. Originally launched in 2007, the site was built using CakePHP and MySQL. The site underwent several redesigns over the years, with its most recent iteration running under Ruby on Rails with a PostgreSQL and SphinxSearch back-end. In addition to being on the web, a native Android dating app was available as well.

Food on the Table via Food on the Table

Food on the TableIn February 2010, Food on the Table brought me on board to assist with their Facebook Connect integration and front end development efforts. After becoming familiar with the backend Rails code, I was made a full-time employee to continue to develop the product using Erik Reis‘ “Lean Startup” approach. Food on the Table has become one of the more noteworthy companies taking advantage of lean startup methodology, and even had the honor of being recognized in Reis’ publication, The Lean Startup.

Facebook Integration via Challenge Online Games

Challenge Games' WarstormIn 2008, the CEO of Challenge Games recruited me to move halfway across the country. He discovered the Facebook Developer blog I ran at the time as was one of the early adopters of the Facebook Platform, which lined up with his company’s goal of integrating all their existing and upcoming games with Facebook Connect to leverage its many viral sharing opportunities.

Challenge Games' Ponzi Inc.As one of just two members representing Challenge Games’ Facebook integration team, I played a core role in hooking five web-based games — Duels, MechDuels, WarStorm, PlanetStorm, and Baseball Boss — into Facebook. Additionally, I participated in the development effort of several experimental games running within Facebook itself, including Ponzi, Inc., which was the last game created by the company prior to being acquired by Facebook gaming giant Zynga.