Baker to Builder: From CakePHP to Rails

This past Tuesday night, I gave my first presentation for an Austin on Rails meeting. As a Ruby on Rails developer who comes from a PHP background — specifically utilizing CakePHP — I was asked to present on my experiences between the two frameworks.

The presentation itself covers beginner level material. It describes my personal reasons for moving from CakePHP to Rails, and why I now prefer the latter. Although it does not delve into any of the finer details, it does cover a few key points about both Rails and Ruby in general:

  • A comparison of the overall structure of each framework
  • Some general Ruby language benefits not found in PHP
  • The simplicity of plugin (gem) integration in Rails compared to CakePHP
  • Deployment strategies available in Rails

Again, the topics here only scratch the surface. There is a lot of information not included that make the Rails framework superior to my own experiences with CakePHP.

If you’re currently developing with PHP, I definitely encourage you to consider giving Rails a try. Feel free to download the PDF version of my presentation: Baker to Builder: CakePHP to Rails.

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